India's first carbon-neutral event for the aviation industry

Climes partnered with Airbus 'Take off 2022' in Bengaluru to host India’s first carbon neutral event. Airbus worked with Climes to measure the event’s emissions and purchased carbon credits, or ‘Climes’, to neutralise them. 500 global Airbus delegates attended the event, and allocated Climes credits to the projects they wished to finance.

How we did it?


Calculating event emissions

Airbus worked with Climes to calculate the event’s total carbon footprint as well as the footprint per attendee.
500 attendees
480 kgs/ attendee
480 Climes/ attendee to neutralise footprint*
*1 Clime neutralises 1 kgCO2e


At the event

On the day of the event, each delegate received 480 Climes - an amount equivalent to the average emissions per attendee. Delegates then engaged in a form of “democratised climate action” - working with Airbus to help the event achieve its carbon neutral goal. 

1. Find the QR

Along with the event merchandise, attendees received a Climes card with a unique QR code.

2. Scan to Collect Climes

Attendees scanned the code to Claim their 480 climes (bought by Airbus).

3. Choose Projects

Attendees then chose which carbon reducing projects they wanted to finance with their Climes.

Live update Dashboard

Live updates of the attendees’ project choices were displayed on a screen at regular intervals during the event. Delegates were able to see which projects their peers were choosing - and were motivated to participate in the group activity.

Social Collectible

Attendees received a ‘shareable digital card’ upon allocating credits to their chosen projects. The card enabled attendees to talk about and share their experience of supporting climate action with Airbus. They were also given certificates for their participation in this first-of-its-kind, carbon neutral event.

What people are saying

Shout out to for helping us make this a carbon neutral event. As I said on stage, for us at Airbus, sustainability is at the heart of what we do.
Siddharth Balachandran
Airbus India & South Asia
But the cherry on top was this being the worlds first carbon neutral event. Airbus collaborated with to neutralise the events emissions including that of every attendee. While we get closer to sustainable aviation, glad to also see a sustainable event.
Maheen Khan
Event Attendee
Last week I attended the Airbus Take Off 2022 event in Bengaluru. This was also the first-of-its-kind Carbon Neutral event that Airbus organized in association with, making it a sustainable event.
Sharlet Mariados
Event Attendee

Airbus: Front Runners for Climate Action

Thank you to Climate Heroes Siddharth Balachandran and Ritesh Shetty of Airbus, who helped facilitate one of India’s first carbon-neutral events. In doing so, they have distinguished themselves, and Airbus, as leaders of climate action in this country.

Are you a climate-positive organisation looking to lead by example?

Organise a carbon neutral event