Over 50% of zingbus customers are opting-in to carbon neutral travel

zingbus has served over 2 million customers with a fleet of 350+ buses in over 500 cities.
Now with Climes, they are India’s first carbon neutral bus service provider.

The future of mobility is sustainable - and zingbus is leading us there.


neutralised by zingbus customers
that has the same positive impact as

saplings grown for 10 years

days of turning off electricity in a home

bags of waste recycled instead of trashed

“The association of zingbus with Climes allowed us to explore a path leading toward a greener and more sustainable environment. As a growing travel start-up, we must work efficiently towards reducing our carbon footprint through proper neutralisation methods. Moreover, this collaboration has been welcomed and appreciated throughout our customer base, helping us provide the most reliable intercity bus travel experience.”
Prashant Kumar, CEO and Co-founder zingbus

It could cost as little as ₹3 to neutralise a bus ride from Delhi to Manali

Making carbon neutrality an affordable and easy choice for zingbus travellers.
“I saw neutralise your travel option in zingbus, and I was so happy to see it and it costed me just 6Rs! Kudos and way to go!”
Shreya Arora, zingbus customer

Fast. Accurate. Light.

Climes' dynamic and scaleable API seamlessly integrates into zingbus’ mobile and web apps.

Customers are shown emissions from their trip in milliseconds, with zero-impact on page load time.

The APIs easily accommodate customised requirements like zingbus' refund policy.

Speedy Build Time
Light and Fast API
Accurate carbon
Catapult your brand into the future.
Follow zingbus' lead on offering climate action to your customers.
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