Saba Singh Rajkotia

Born at
362 ppm
Lives in
New Delhi
my average Monthly emissions
1.2 tonnes of carbon
My Climate Icon
David Attenborough
Decarbonisation Projects I Love
Afforestation & Direct Air Capture
my climate 'tipping point'

2017 - when I was on a trek in an extremely remote location in North India and found that, even there, the environment had been damaged and destroyed by unsustainable human practices.

solving for climate means

Solving for Climate means creating (or returning to) a culture and society where respect for nature and the environment is valued and aspired to.

sustainable practices
i'm proud of

The rainwater harvesting system my father built for our home and the incredible amount of time that both my parents spend planting and cultivating trees and plant life. I'm proud of them and hope to create a positive impact for our planet through Climes, as they have done and continue to do everyday of their lives.