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25Carbon-neutral events

732811Kg CO2e neutralised

Hear from our partners!

Shout out to for helping us make this a carbon neutral event. As I said on stage, for us at Airbus, sustainability is at the heart of what we do.

Siddharth Balachandran
Airbus India & South Asia

How it works

Easily calculate the footprint of your event, and neutralise it by purchasing Climes

Use our emission calculator to discover the footprint of your event in minutes.1 Clime = 1 kg of CO2e neutralised

Make it interactive by involving your attendees in your climate action

Gift attendees the Climes you purchased and allow them to choose which carbon project to support.

Engage your audience with an exciting experience

Attendees scan a QR code to claim their Climes

And choose a project to support and finance with the Climes you gifted


Only solutions that cannot be financed without the benefits of carbon markets


Only solutions that endorse and implement scientific and transparent methods


Only solutions that credibly demonstrate evidence for long-term CO2 storage

Climate ++

Solutions that additionally generate social benefits for communities & reinforces sustainability.

Gamify the experience by displaying a live tracker of your attendees' choices!

And give them social collectibles to share the joy of taking climate action with you

Showcase your sustainable agenda. Make your next event carbon neutral with Climes.