Siddhanth Jayaram

Born at
359 ppm
Lives in
my average Monthly emissions
1.2 tonnes of carbon
My Climate Icon
Decarbonisation Projects I Love
Biochar based Sequestration, Afforestation (For now) over time hopefully Direct Air Capture, Carbon To-Value (Yes, carbon infused Vodka is a thing!)
my climate 'tipping point'

While I have been closely following the climate-crisis for over a decade now, the tipping point for me was when incessant rainfall caused havoc across coastal India and destroyed lives of thousands of people. The fact that these incidents weren’t an aberration and perhaps the new-normal, overwhelmed me at first and then, inspired me to try and do a tiny bit to help solve this problem. 

I started making changes to my life personally by adopting more sustainable systems and practices at home. Over time in 2020, when I was thinking what next professionally, decided to delve deep into the climate space. Starting with (An Online-first Climate-School), ACT Environment & then On-deck Climate Tech upskilled myself more on the problem and what it would take to transition into a circular & climate-friendly economy. 

After having spent over ~2 years, trying to understand how I could apply my skills to help solve this problem, co-founded Climes, an endeavour to get thousands and hopefully millions of people, to contribute towards climate-action.

solving for climate means

Whether its businesses accelerating growth of carbon-avoidance or removal solutions or consumers adopting more sustainable practices, financially rewarding the "do-gooders" on climate is something that I'm keen on enabling this decade.

sustainable practices
i'm proud of

Personally, since the pandemic has begun, have (1) become vegetarian (2) Switched most types of personal consumption towards Climate friendly brands. These conscious choices have helped me think about the climate-problem from a lens of  a "Small Enough to do, Big-Enough to matter" mindset.