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Converting Organic Waste into Clean Energy in 2 States

By Mahindra WTE Solutions
Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh
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India generates 68,760,163 metric tonnes of household food waste per year

This is as much as 50 kgs of food wasted per year for a population of over 1.6 billion.

Organic Waste causes significant emissions, especially of more potent gases than CO2.

While India's per capita wastage is the lowest among South Asian countries, the volumes of loss are large, especially considering as many as 27 percent of Indians went to bed hungry sometimes, according to a survey conducted in October 2020 by Hunger Watch. Higher income groups tend to waste more, as per observations in the UN report.
Effective waste management is expensive, often comprising 20 per cent to 50 per cent of municipal budgets.

How does the project tackle this?

Mahindra WTE Solutions Limited has constructed 4 facilities (1 in Maharashtra; 3 in Andhra Pradesh) across India to convert organic waste through anaerobic digestion into biogas, as well as organic or bio manure as a by-product. The manure is an excellent fertiliser, and has agricultural end-uses besides improving soil quality.

The facilities cumulatively can process 110 tonnes of organic waste per day into energy. The types of organic waste used as raw materials include agricultural residue, food, fruit, and vegetable waste, animal waste, municipal waste etc.
The work undertaken by Mahindra WTE Solutions ensures:

Segregation of waste between organic and inorganic categories
Prevents organic waste from becoming a breeding ground for disease vectors
Converts waste into bio-manure that is great for top soil nutrition
Reduces harmful emissions, including methane, that is 7x more potent than CO2

About Mahindra WTE Solutions

Mahindra Waste To Energy Solutions Limited, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, and almost exclusively focuses on producing and positioning biogas as a clean and environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels.