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Making biodiverse forests financially viable for farmers

Ahmednagar, MH | By Farmers for Forests

The per day income of farm households in India is only about ₹277.

Add the high rates of agricultural land degradation, this is only going to get worse. A land is considered degraded when there is loss in productivity, biodiversity or economic value. This can be caused by climate (droughts, floods etc.) or human-induced factors (industrialisation, change in land-use etc.)

More than half of the degraded land is either agricultural land or designated forest lands. This degradation weakens our first line of defence against a rapidly changing climate.

Farmers for Forests reverses land degradation by paying farmers to increase biodiversity and carbon stock on their agricultural lands, through agroforestry.

Maintain and increase forest cover
Provide farmers with an additional income stream
Increase soil quality and overall biodiversity
Reduce incidents of forest fire

Impact on people, communities and planet

5% to 7% increase

in household income through cash transfers

72 days of rural employment

directly generated in Year 1 as a result of the plantation activities

2000 saplings

of 56 different species planted

The purple area represents the agricultural lands where agroforestry activities are being undertaken

271+ tonnesCO2e neutralised
12,000+ Climerscontributed

Supported by 21 brands and enterprises

Tamarind Chutney
Earth Rhythm
Make My Trip
The Pant Project
Fireside Ventures
Nutty Gritties
Little Joys
WRI India
British Deputy High Commission Bengaluru
LEAP Cities
UX Now - MMT Foundation

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