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What makes Zingbus a GenC brand?

zingbus is an emerging brand in the intercity bus travel industry that provides safe, reliable, affordable and now sustainable travel to its customers across India. As a brand, they have always been vocal about their intention to help create a greener and more sustainable environment. They recognised the polluting nature of the industry they work in and they took steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Their transparency and commitment to sustainable action is commendable, and has lead them to become India's first carbon neutral bus service. A pioneer in their industry, zingbus is a strong representative of a Gen-C brand.

1,00,000+ Zingbus customers have supported 6 carbon solutions and neutralised -

6,75,468 Kg CO2e

which has the same impact as


zingbus is one of India's largest online bus booking platforms. They are always on the lookout for the next leap of improving the travelling experience owing...