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Tamarind Chutney


What makes Tamarind Chutney a GenC brand?

Tamarind Chutney was born out of a desire to support artisan livelihoods, preserve India's craft heritage and sell amazing products - all while following ethical business principles. From its inception, the brand has been lead by sustainable co-founders who live by sustainable values. Tamarind Chutney recognises that the consumer of today is looking for greener options and their products are designed with this in mind. In partnering with Climes, they show their commitment to delivering sustainable products and services to their customers. And they add yet another feature that establishes them as a Gen-C brand. We are proud to partner with them.


Climes shared a post on Instagram: "If sustainable fashion is your thing, we've got good news for you!🎉 Now, every time you shop from your favourite eco-fashion brands like @liv ...