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Sublime Life

Personal Care

What makes Sublime Life a GenC brand?

In their words, Sublime Life was born to connect ethical, sustainable and clean brands with the conscious consumer of today. They are a brand with sustainability built into their DNA, and they live unwaveringly by these values. Sublime Life represents what the future of business will be - and they lead by example in an industry known for its polluting practices. By partnering with Climes, Sublime Life strengthens their commitment to our planet, and they demonstrate that they are and will continue to be a leading Gen-C brand. We are super proud to collaborate with them.

Climate +ve practices

150+ Sublime Life customers have supported 5 carbon solutions and neutralised -

398 Kg CO2e

which has the same impact as


Climes shared a post on Instagram: "Each time you make the choice to go for a skincare product that's eco-friendly or cruelty-free, you are already acting on your #CarbonInstinct. ...