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What makes Spicta a GenC brand?

Spicta stands out in the oral healthcare industry with products that are natural, flouride free, non-toxic and non-alcoholic. In addition to this, it makes an effort to care for the environment too. Aiming to be pioneers of sustainable oral care in India, Spicta has committed to going 100% plastic neutral by recycling the same amount of plastic they generate. And now with Climes, they are offering carbon neutral options on their products. Gen-C brands don't just recognise the importance of sustainability, they incorporate it in their business and deliver on their promises. We are proud to be a part of Spicta's sustainability mission.

The Voice of Gen-C Presents Spicta: A Gen-C Brand Creating A League Of Its Own

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Climate +ve practices

10+ Spicta customers have supported 3 carbon solutions and neutralised -

26 Kg CO2e

which has the same impact as